This "game" was made for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Jam. By now I think I'll let this thing rest as a relic, but who knows, maybe I'll fix it someday. (And yes, it needs some fixing. I forgot to take out the test stage for example... you have to jump off and refuse death before you actually get to what was supposed to be the beginning... and thought any music would be better than no music... I know better now) I know that it probably looks like it was made in about an hour, but this took me *well* over 30 hours, while incorporating multiple bugs into game play, instead of fixing them. This is the first project that I actually finished in some form and I'm proud of that. But at the same time; I'm extremely aware of its flaws and I probably won't look at this for a while, and instead push forward and learn even more than I have from this.


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I really had fun with this game. It gets really challenging and you have to "think outside of the box" to get through some parts. Music is a little Annoying. I recommend looking through the Youtube Sound Library.