This thing was made for the 5th EC game jam with the Theme 'passage'. During this jam I just kept procrastinating, nothing got done, I didn't really familiarise myself with Twine, which led me to having to basically do everything twice... This is rushed, unpolished, unfinished, a lot of things (like the title for example) don't even really make sense. However at the same time I'm pretty sure if I had just focused, I could have made this in about 8 or 10 hours. (Okay, maybe a bit optimistic, but a lot faster than this...) At the moment of submission, I was kind of kicking it out the door to get it over with, but I don't dislike the idea and/or Twine.

The kind comments helped a lot. This may not be great, but I'm still proud to have made *a* thing.

You find yourself in a room without a lot of recollection how you got there. To get out, you find yourself organizing food for a vaguely familiar seeming cat...

Said cat has managed to get this game an award! I'd like to thank Zoey for simply being the best host(-age taker) for this game! <3

Has been found to have a bunch of issues when running on 'the wrong screensize'. If there are a bunch of - and | that do not look like the provided screenshot, I'm afraid that will look like that for the whole game. Does not really work on mobile at all because of this.


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Could use a different layout. I liked how it kept track of what choices you made for you. Fun game about being kidnapped... wait catnapped yah was fun.


Eh... uhmm... hmm... Not sure where to start... As a personal preference, I like games with few words... XD This game was cool anyway, interesting setting and options, the cat has a weird personality. Don't judge yourself, just have fun! Meow!



I like the concept, the cat feels like a cat when they speak, and all of the dialogue options make sense. I feel like I am being held hostage by a cat that continuously changes their mind.


I am not certain what this has to do with passages, and I didn't realize that I was supposed to be a human when I was playing. I thought I was another cat that had been kidnapped.


I think the main thing I would change is the layout, if the image was on the left and the dialogue was on the right, I think it would look a bit more polished. Also,  if you wanted to go into more detail with your images instead of drawing them you could use this site:


I like the game and the concept. it feels fleshed out enough, so there is no need to apologize.