This game was made for the Extra Credits Game jam #4, and was inspired by the truely frustrating mess of cables behind my desk. The objective in this optionally Co-op highscore-based  game is to get and sort as many cables as possible with the help of mouse and keyboard.

Problems that have come up so far; 

- Multiple people seem to have had problems  figuring out what to do after sorting the first four cables. Ill have to make that clearer.

- There is a game breaking bug in there that stops new cables from spawning. However I have not been able to identify the cause. If you run into this bug,Id love to hear what exactly happened. It just seems to affect a single run, otherwise, reloading the page should fix it.

In case you have any ideas for improvements, please let me know!



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Cute game. Managed to figure things out eventually but yeah, wall of text was a bit much right off the bat. Is there a pattern to the input causing new cables to spawn? It didn't feel consistent if there was which was frustrating given the game is score based.  (ie. the number of correct presses till the next cable appears).

Thank you for the feedback! No, as it stands there is no 'pattern' of any sort, just a given chance. I do agree that that is slightly annoying at times, since one could just have a string of bad luck, but I kinda had a second player in mind while deciding this. With a set number of presses, I thought the second player might feel a little bit useless, but with the chance thrown in, there would be more of a reason to have one. However you are correct, most people will probably play this alone and a given pattern may create a simular effect. Ill keep this in mind and see if that may be a suitable compromise. 


oh my god this is hilarious. thank you


Nice game, sound effects work well - makes the game feel more responsive to interactions :)

As others have said, a little more guidance would be great but I managed to figure out how the untangling worked after a short time.

All the soundeffects are actually just me fumbeling with those cables. I'm glad that that worked as intended. But yeah, in case I get around to making an updated version, Abandoning the text wall and making everything a little more intuitive is the first thing on the list.


I really liked the game! One thing that immediately came to my eye was the huge tutorial wall. Try to avoid this since it will stop some people from playing your game.

I really like the concept you came up with since it is something everyone knows but it is not often presented in games. It is very unique. Another suggestion would be to also show people which cable is which since  it could be that some people don't know cable types :)
Other than that great game! Love the untangling mechanic.


I didnt read initial instructions, but I managed to get how it works by pressing the arrow keys. I think a lot improvements can be made to UI elements Instead of a wall of text at the begining, draw some arrows and mouse icons on the playing field, and make the arrow look like a keyboard key. And a timer would be very nice to keep track of the amount of time left.